WPR3x RC v2.9.1 available for download!

WPR3x RC v2.9.1 available for download!

WordPress Real Estate Plugin – WPR3x 2.9.1

It has been quite awhile since our last update and now that we’re feeling comfortable again with the level of programming now being provided that we’re pushing  through with all of our previous list of new features as well as knocking out the old bug list.  With this new version we’ve taken care of all of the primary issues that were plaguing us and are now looking forward to completing the remaining list of items that were on our “new features list” .

We estimate that we have about a weeks worth of minor tweaks to do – (like adding a gui for our new mortgage calculators and tweaking our admin panel and templates etc.)  Once all of our list is done and any other feedback items are addressed – then we will pick back up on our New MAPS Module. Our current programmer also has a very strong background in Real Estate CRM code development and is already laying out foundation ideas for our CRM module – (we’ve spent hrs chatting about CRM features list already).

Developers update:
1). We have just completed more listing image configurations as well as our speeding up the search results and listing details template display, but we’ve also cleaned up several code items that were calling the db multiple times where those calls were not actually needed.

2). We are currently working on modifying the MySiteMyWay.com themes (gnu/gpl) core foundation to allow you to fully export your own serialized data so that you can then create your own branded theme with all of your own default content and widget settings to match your own branding – so that way when your clients hit the “Restore” button it will restore it back to your branded default settings instead of theirs.

Most FAQ
Q – When are you guys going to deliver on the Maps Module?
A – We had to temporarily put that on the hold until all of the above items were resolved and now that those items have been resolved then we will pick back up where we left off (which is already at the 60% completed mark). ETA = ASAP – in other words we are working on it right now and will release as soon as we can get a Beta-Version put together.

2.9.1 Change log:
Below is a list of items we’ve fixed or added.
If you have seen anything that isn’t already listed below then please let me know.

  1. Various listing image options and previous listing image path options have all been fixed.
  2. Fixing the Search Form Builder to include the word “Any” as the default first field.
  3. Added code to our Search Form Builder to strip out any blank unfilled fields from the query and the url string.
  4. Fixed the Search Form Builder Class ID/Name bug so now it works as “list” as well as multi-select etc. now.
  5. Fixed Shortcode Pagination and cleaned up the shortcode gui.
  6. Fixed our custom form builder to now allow the parsing of {listing field tags} in the contact forms that are displayed on the listing details pages.

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